Venice is becoming a postcard?

This summer I’ve been to Venice for a couple of days.

Perhaps for an Italian person, who should go there whenever during the year, this has not been a smart choi. August in Italy is one of the most crowded periods of the year, but that was the spot I had available! I caught the occasion to stay there with my kids and to check some hotels for my job.

No need to say how wonderful Venice is. Tons of words are written about that on worldwide pages, blogs, newspapers and magazines. Beauty and magic are in every corner, every canal, every building.

But Venice risks to become a postcard.

Venice risks to belong to everyone and to none

Venice is fully crowded of people and smartphones, cruise ships arriving and departing, groups following a guide with a microphone…that is disappointing and scaring.

Crowded Venice
Venice is becoming a postcard

It happens to all famous places in the world, in Italy however we have a high concentration of historical cities.  Perhaps Venice is a borderline case also because Venetians are leaving the city year by year, due to its islander nature.

The best thing is to wake up very early and visit them before masses of tourists invade it like ants.

This is however a philosophical topic…am I or not also a tourist like all the other ants…?!

Comment: Reading the “ITB World Travel trends Report 2015/2016” these days, I have found a pertinent discussion about our latest blog. Tourist experts are concerned about the impact of large masses in very popular destinations. “Venice -says the Report -is worried about the impact of high number of cruise passengers arriving simultaneously and then flooding through the city’s narrow streets to see the main sights all at the same time. IPK president Rolf  Freitag confirmed and predicted that some cities might consider limits on the number of visitors in the next few years”. This will be certainly be a topic item in the future of many Italian cities.

A hotel business with an open minded strategy

As hotels specialists and passionate, we are constantly looking for hotel business with an open minded strategy.

Hotels are places where people and cultures meet, that’s why I personally find them such interesting.

Every hotel has its mission: big chains to delivery luxurious service, family-run hotels with great care on genuineness, design hotels with a linear style and so on.

A kaleidoscopic world of proposals.

ACE hotels and their hotel business project

Recently I have learn about ACE hotels and their projects

This hotel group opens new hotels restoring existing buildings (as for example an old furniture store) in emerging areas of some American cities. They have also opened their first European hotel in London.

This is an unorthodox approach to hotel business that focus on the building itself and also on the surrounding streets. In that way the hotels involve local retail brands, artists and district communities through a list of cross events that goal to the aim of “making connections”.


This is an example of entrepreneurs going much further than simply creating a business. Clients of ACE hotels feel that, becoming part of a local community, even if for a while.