Historic Hotels: the Grand Hotel Pera Palace, Istanbul

With this Post we start a new line of articles about the Historic Hotels, that with their atmospheres help us to time travel.

We start with the Grand Hotel Pera Palace in Istanbul, a big palace that, almost reassuring, stands Mesrutiyet Caddesi, number 52.


This hotel was built in 1892 for the passengers of the Orient Express that could find, in its rooms and art nouveau interiors, the same comfort and style that they were used to in Europe.  Three years were necessary to build this fascinating Palace in which Clients, got off the elegant train wagons at the station of the old town,  found hot water, perfumed bed linen and a sparkling lighting.

The second lift in Europe

One of the main attractions of this Hotel was surely the elegant lift, that was the second lift installed in Europe, after the Tour Eiffel’s one.

What is fascinating is to figure out its clientele: business men, spies, diplomats, and a various crowd of men and women attracted by the luxurious lives crossing there.


Famous Guests: Agatha Christie

Probably the most famous room is the room number 411: this is where Agatha Christie wrote her best romance “Murder on the Orient Express” and is still available for a reservation today http://www.jumeirah.com/Pera-Palace-Hotel‎, really an unforgettable experience.