Just an apartment

In Italy Christmas vacations are very long, kids are home from schools for 2 weeks and it takes a lot of job for parents to entertain them all along.

Those holidays end on January 6th with the “Festa della Befana”, beloved by kids.

Let’s try Airbnb Guests Experience!

This year I combined my family’s needs with a professional curiosity: 3 days in Firenze using Airbnb. I never tried it and since I think that as a professional in tourism I have to live the “Guests Experience” in all its possible shapes…well I convinced my husband to skip hotels and go for it.

Great service with their website and customer care approach, I quickly created an ID and chose between quite a good number of apartments still available even if very close to the date, so busy for Italy.

Ok ragazzi…si parte!

The apartment was exactly as described, a little bit smaller than the idea I had of it only joining in my mind the photos on the web but…it was good.

An impersonal sensation of hospitality

A kind boy was waiting for us, not the owner, who probably had many apartments all over the city (lucky man!), but we just saw him for 10 minutes the first day then we left without meeting anyone else there.

Moreover it was national holiday and we didn’t even meet anyone in the building, going back and forth from the city center, climbing the stairs or in the lift.

We had a great stay in this beloved city, that always surprises me for its poetry and Renaissance elegance.


Of course this was only one case among thousands, but returning home I felt that we had an impersonal experience, we just used a room, even if nice and honestly described.

Just an apartment.

Luxury hotels consider you as a unique person

It’s often difficult to define what luxury is and in our sector to define what luxury hotels really are.

homesuitehome_luxury hotels rooms

What is luxury today?

“Luxury” is a word we use a lot, sometimes with a shade of uniqueness, sometimes with a snobby perspective, defining a line of separation.

Home is where you feel at home and are treated well once said Dalai Lama

I think that today luxury is receiving care and attention with authenticity and courtesy. In our world of high-speed daily routines, with defined roles and schedules, it happens than when we are abroad in the world we just need to be ourselves, free to explore and experience.

Kudos to Conrad Hotels, who delightfully explained this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPOcu72cISY