some Clients offered to refer us, we are so grateful for that! Mutual appreciation is fundamental for long term collaborations.

“Alessandra takes care of all our hotel bookings across Europe, her attention to detail is fantastic and our clients always have the best experience. Using her for this side of our business has improved our quality of product hugely” – Sam Wood, Director Ride and Seek Bike Tours

“Dear pals, Alessandra Pistagna has been so good to us over the years, making and changing reservations for our pre- and post-night hotels, being a friendly presence. Just want to put in a good word for her.  The reservations pre- and post- the tour were perfect, as always.” – Bonnie P., Boston, Massachussets

“We are glad to work with Alessandra Pistagna. I’ve known Alessandra for many years and I knew that she is a great professional and a very fine person. She already showed us how her contribution will not only make managing hotels and booking more efficient but also how the cost of her services are worth every penny. Alessandra gracefully and methodically negotiates the best conditions for us. The burden of dealing with this part of the business is off our shoulders, and we could not have found a better match. ” – Beppe Salerno, Founder Tourissimo Active Travel in Italy